The Healing Mind


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Jai Bradford & Betsey Beaven

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QiGong & The Meditative Mind

The Changing Perceptions In Modern Medicine - Health, Healing & Well-Being Reinvented. View Comments, Stories & More
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Mary Peterson

FibroMilagia Patient Discovers New sense of self

Dr Roenthal-WS

Dr. David Rosenthal

Western Medicine Needs Refinement


Jayan Landry Ph.D

The Power of the mind is impressive

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Meg Holmes and Paul Blake

Tai chi instructors

The Producers

Betsey Beaven,  is a Homeopathic educator and health consultant. She is this projects’ writer, producer and, the voiceover talent (we love her style).  She is a the co-author of four vegetarian cookbooks, a former Chef and food critic, and an advocate of Tai chi. Exploring the power of the mind and it’s deep connection to healing the body is central to all her work. Betsey resides in Andover, MA.

Filmmaker, Jai Bradford, is a multimedia designer and content marketing developer.  He has been an independent business owner, producing media content for Boston’s business community. Jai has enjoyed a career in TV programming and photojournalism, working for the major network station groups in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Connecticut & New York. He and wife Linda, run the Blue Umbrella Group.


The healing mind - Meditation in motion

Soft Openings will be held for “friends of the film” in Andover, Massachusetts and Durham, North Carolina.  Thanks for your interest!

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